Earthquake Safety

What to do during and after an earthquake: K-8th Grade

If you are inside...

And the ground starts shaking:
  1. Look around for a desk or a table to climb under---something sturdy
  2. Climb under the desk or table (its okay to crawl )
  3. Hold onto the legs of the desk or table
  4. Duck your head so your eyes are looking at your knees
When the shaking stops:
  1. Stay where you are for a moment
  2. Wait for instructions from an adult
  3. If you don't hear instructions, go outside (CAREFULLY) to an open space in your yard. Wait for an adult.
  4. Do not go back into the house.
  5. Stay away from all structures and power lines
If you are outside...

And the ground starts shaking:
  1. Move away from all buildings and trees if you can
  2. Watch for power lines—you don't want to be under those!
  3. Lie down on the ground and wait for the shaking to stop
  4. Do not try and go inside

When the shaking stops:

  1. Stay where you are if you are safe, wait for an adult.
  2. If anything fell near you or you are in the street, move to another open space.

Afterward what to expect:

Image of a yellow house shaking due to an earthquake. The house has a red door and two windows that have shattered due to the shaking.
  1. After an earthquake there may be no power, no phones, no water. Don't panic, people will be working on it and will get to you when they can. You might get together with neighbors and share stuff.
  2. Roads may be blocked by stuff falling from houses and trees, so don't worry if it takes a little while for police and fire to get there. Listen to the adults and help where you can.
  3. You will probably also be feeling smaller earthquakes called aftershocks. This is a good reason to stay out of unstable buildings until you are told it is safe to go inside.
  4. You might also feel a little sick from the shaking. That's okay, it is normal, instead of being seasick or carsick, you are quakesick!
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